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Fitness Classes

We have a 7 day programme of fitness classes designed to suit your needs.

Non-Members can pay in advance for some classes to secure a place. Please book your class at reception or by phone on 020 8950 2283. 

Please arrive 5 minutes in advance and check in at reception, as once the class has started we do not allow entrance. 

Classes labelled (NM) on the pdf version of our timetable, are available to non-members at a charge – please call and check availability.



Find out what's happening where right now with our new interactive timetable. 


It's as easy as ABC

Aerobic = Red is great for heart and lungs and designed to get you a little out of breath. Increase the efficiency of your heart and lungs as well as burning lots of calories.

Body Condition = Green for toning, strength and endurance. These classes are designed to get your muscles working and you looking great.

Calm = Amber take an hour out of your busy schedule and learn to relax while increasing your flexibility. Life takes it out of you, and these classes give it back.


Customer notes

Reformer Pilates - Courses run for 6 weeks and can be booked at reception. The one to one or one to two sessions can be arranged at a time which suits you best. We also offer Single Group Sessions on a Sunday at 1.15pm, Saturday 9.30am and Wednesday 9.30am.

If courses are not full we would allow people to pay per session if there is space, please enquire at reception about availability.

Non-members - are welcome to book Pilates Reformer courses, Boot Camp and Zumba® classes. Please ask at reception for prices.

Students - are welcome to join our Yoga sessions on Monday and Saturday, Zumba Fitness® on Saturday, and Whole Caboodle and Spinning® on Wednesday. Please ask at reception for details.