Centre Selector


When you join the club you receive three initial appointments for the gym including: 

  • Main induction
  • Weights programme
  • Power Plate induction

After this, you can decide with your trainer how often you need to meet to review your workout, we will send you a reminder when you log in with your TGS key. Our gym has a wide range of equipment including:

  • Cardio machines all with their own TV screens to keep you entertained
  • Resistance equipment
  • Free weights
  • A Power Plate

Your trainer will work with you to create a personalised programme to suit your fitness levels and goals. The programme is loaded onto the TGS key which is yours to keep.

The key enables you to track your progress, decide which programme you would like to load onto your key or even free train. There is no need to set it up, just insert it into a piece of equipment and it will start automatically.

After each session you can check out using your key and it will give you a summary of your session and achievements. You can log other activities too, so you can keep up to date with your progress.