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September Fitness Challenge - Let the Games Begin...

All participants will receive a FREE Guest Pass



Gym Challenge

  • 100m Sprint: Fastest time
  • 2 minute time trial: Longest distance
  • 1 minute Clean & press
  • 1 minute Squat jumps

Complete all four events with the highest number of reps or fastest time to be the winner and receive your Gold Medal Prize.


Class Challenge

Attend the most classes in the month to receive your Gold Medal Prize.

Not forgetting Silver and Bronze of course...

Sign up in the gym or at Reception today

Business Breakfast Networking with Strategic Business Alliance

Join us for over two hours of opportunities to gain valuable contacts and potential new business

7.15am - 9.30am

Meeting Fee, including breakfast
Members: £15
Guests: £22

Special Membership Offer
Guest will be able to claim £7.00 per visit for up to four visits only off the cost of the annual membership which Is £95.00 which will be discounted  to £67.00 under this offer!

Upcoming meeting dates
Wednesday 31st August

To book your place call Tony on 079 1906 6053

Antiques, Fine Art, Collectables, Jewellery, Silver, Coins, Toys
Diecast and Model Railways.

Next Auction

Thursday 8th September, 1pm

Wednesday 7th Septembery, 4pm - 8pm
Thursday 8th September, 10am - 12.30pm

Monday 22nd August at Bushey storeroom or a home visit on any other day.

Future Sale Dates

Thursday 20th October
1st December

Contact details
020 8386 2552 / 07504 201202

New for 2016

Marcel Fairs - Antiques & Collectors Fairs

Sundays: 25th September, 23rd October, 27th November

10am - 4pm, Admisson £1, 35+ stalls

For all enquiries please contact Marcel.

Tel: 07887 648255

Email: info@marcelfairs.co.uk

Web: www.marcelfairs.co.uk