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Swimming for lifelong health, fitness and fun!

Swimming lessons for children and adults

Our Swim School is all about making sure that everyone has the maximum amount of fun, whilst developing the skills needed to help maximise individual ability and safety.

We follow The Amateur Swimming Association’s National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) to ensure that levels of tuition and service remain high at all times. We offer lessons for all ages from 4 months to adult.

We are run FREE Swimming Assessments at Bushey Grove, call us on 01923 470140 to find out more.

Motivate4 Swim School is about a fresh new approach in learning to swim with a firm emphasis on fun and enjoyment. Our teachers spend time interacting with your child to make sure they get the most from each lesson they attend, rewarding every achievement however big or small. We like to think of it as a partnership, which encourages self development and determination to achieve goals without making your child feel pressured.

Call us on 01923 470140 or complete an enquiry form  POOL PROGRAMME

Did you know?

You can purchase your child's swimming certificates and badges from us after each completed stage. Only £3.50 for a certificate and badge, purchases can be made from our reception.

We have a selection of Zoggs Swimwear, floats and googles available to purcahse from the groundfloor.



Swimming Classes 2018




Adult Lessons

This is for Adults that cannot swim and would like to require the basic swimming strokes and build water confidence.

  • Beginner
  • Stroke Developement
  • Lengths

Parent and Babe (4 months to 3 years)

For babies from 4 months old with good head support up to the age of 3 years.

Adult in the water, singing nursery rythmes and songs.

  • Gaining water confidence
  • Using a variety of water aids and toys

Ducklings 3,4 and 5 (3 -5 years)

Ducklings 3: 3-5 years, no adult in the water, for complete beginners

  • Will be able to kick 5 metres holding a float
  • Float on front or back with adult support

Ducklings 4: 3-5 years, child should be happy in the water

  • Will be able to jump unaided (but supervised)
  • Submerge completely
  • Travel 10 metres without assistance

Ducklings 5: 3-5 years, should be able to swim 5 metres unaided

  • Push and glide achieving a distance of 2 metres front and back
  • Float on front and back and regain standing
  • Swim 5 metres on the front and back unaided




Stages 1 and 2 (must be full time at school or 5 years old)

Lessons available Monday to Friday after school, Saturdays and Sunday mornings.

Stage 1: Students will work towards completeing the following.

  • Enter water safely
  • Move forward, backwards and sideways for a distance of 5 metres
  • Be at ease with water showered from overhead

Stage2: Should be capable of completing Stage 1 criteria

  • Jump in from poolside safely
  • Regain an upright position from the front and back
  • Push from a wall and glide on the front and back

Stages 3 and 4

Stage3: Students will work towards completeing the following

  • Jump from poolside and submerge
  • Fully submerge to pick an object
  • Travel 10 metres on front

Stage4: Should be capable of completing Stage 3 criteria

  • Demonstrate an understanding of buoyancy
  • Perform a tuck float for 5 seconds
  • Swim 10 metres


To view our Learn to Swim Framework click here








Stages 5 and 6

Stage 5: Should be capable of completing Stage 4 criteria

  • Tread water for 30 secs
  • Perform a forward somersault, tucked in water
  • Swim 10 metres breaststroke

Stage 6: Should be capable of completing Stage 5 criteria

  • Swim 10 metres with clothes on
  • Swim 25 metres, choice of stroke is optional
  • Perform a surface dive

Stages 7,8,9 and 10

Stage 7:

  • Swim 25 metres breaststroke
  • Swim 50 metres continuously using one stroke

Stage 8:

  • Should be able to swim 25 metres on all 4 strokes with good technique

Stage 9:

  • Efficient technique on all strokes with correct turns and starts

Stage 10:

  • Efficient technique on all strokes, speed and stamina



Home Portal - Manage your child's swimming lessons

This will allow you to review your child's progress in their swimming lessons and when they are ready to move to the next stage, you can move them into an available class of your choice. For those who do not pay by direct debit, it also allows you to check how many credits you have left before needing to top-up.

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