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The Course

Situated 5 miles from the M25, this fine Par 65 course poses a demanding layout spread across 4600 yards of undulating terrain. Renowned for its year round playing surface, tricky greens, established woodland and sloping fairways, this course is a fine test for all golfing enthusiasts of varying abilities.

Hole 1: Par 3

White Tees – 137 Yards / Yellow Tees – 133 Yards / Red Tees- 128 Yards

Pro's Tip: A difficult opening hole which requires more club than the yardage suggests. An undulating elongated green allows for this and is the preferred shot if you want to avoid the deep bunker protecting the front right hand side of the green. Beware, too long and you could start your round with a three putt.

Hole 2: Par 5

White Tees – 486 Yards / Yellow Tees – 473 Yards / Red Tees- 462 Yards

Pro's Tip: As the only Par 5 on the course this is a good opportunity for birdie. Reachable in two for the longer hitters, but from the tee, ensure you aim to the right side of the sloping fairway to leave the perfect approach shot into the green. Position is everything on this green if you want to win the hole.

Hole 3: Par 4

White Tees – 350 Yards / Yellow Tees – 333 Yards / Red Tees- 317 Yards

Pro's Tip: Our signature hole is a short yet challenging par 4 with a gradual dog-leg into a small green. Longer hitters will benefit here as anything short will lose momentum as the fairway inclines leaving a blind shot to the green. An accurate approach is required as the green is fraught with danger. Par is a good score here, be greedy and you may pay the price!

Hole 4: Par 4

White Tees – 316 Yards / Yellow Tees – 309 Yards / Red Tees- 299 Yards

Pro's Tip: A relatively simple par 4 awaits with bunkers strategically placed to catch out the longer player off the tee. Course management would question the use of a driver, as an approach shot from the fairway is key to controlling the ball on this sloping elevated green.

Hole 5: Par 3

White Tees – 115 Yards / Yellow Tees – 106 Yards / Red Tees- 99 Yards

Pro's Tip: Another Par 3 which plays longer than the yardage. Club selection is vital on this hole as anything short will spin back towards the gulley leaving a tricky chip onto this large, two tiered green. Ideal line is to aim to the right half of the green as the green slopes from right to left.

Hole 6: Par 4

White Tees – 322 Yards / Yellow Tees – 312 Yards / Red Tees- 302 Yards

Pro's Tip: One of the few holes where you can really open your shoulders. Aim up the right side for the best line into the raised green. Beware of the two hidden bunkers near the green.

Hole 7: Par 3

White Tees – 125 Yards / Yellow Tees – 110 Yards / Red Tees- 86 Yards

Pro's Tip: A picturesque yet tight par 3 with pine trees towering over the left and right side of this sloping green. From the tee, aim to the right half of the green and choose plenty of club but, beware, too long will leave a tricky down hill putt to save Par.

Hole 8: Par 4

White Tees – 294 Yards / Yellow Tees – 282 Yards / Red Tees- 268 Yards

Pro's Tip: A drive over the marker of about 180 yards leaves you the perfect flat lie from the fairway. Anything longer leaves a difficult pitch from a sloping lie into a guarded green.

Hole 9: Par 4

White Tees – 292 Yards / Yellow Tees – 290 Yards / Red Tees- 281 Yards

Pro's Tip: With the fairway sloping from left to right aim your tee shot left of the marker. The green slopes with the fairway so leave your ball under the hole for an aggressive uphill birdie putt, above the hole and it's goodbye Par.

Hole 10: Par 3

White Tees – 178 Yards / Yellow Tees – 163 Yards / Red Tees- 150 Yards

Pro's Tip: Great par 3 - use more club to account for the slope. Miss left leaves an easier up and down. Miss right, and two deep bunkers await.

Hole 11: Par 4

White Tees – 337 Yards / Yellow Tees – 318 Yards / Red Tees- 297 Yards

Pro's Tip: Driveable Par 4 for the longer hitter but anything other than accurate will be collected by the well placed fairway bunker. Approach the green with caution as the front to back slope makes pitching difficult. Try to land the ball short and rely on the bounce to get it close.

Hole 12: Par 3

White Tees – 219 Yards / Yellow Tees – 211 Yards / Red Tees- 204 Yards

Pro's Tip: A blind par 3 demanding accuracy off the tee. A long iron/hybrid over the trees is the ideal play onto a flat green. The bunker front right is no more so fortune will favour the brave. Par is a good score here.

Hole 13: Par 3

White Tees – 153 Yards / Yellow Tees – 151 Yards / Red Tees- 121 Yards

Pro's Tip: The elevated tee box gives you the perfect view of the trouble on this hole. From the tee, aim to the right half of the green and try to pitch the green as anything short will be collected by the swilled gulley leaving a tough chip onto the green.

Hole 14: Par 4

White Tees – 326 Yards / Yellow Tees – 309 Yards / Red Tees- 294 Yards

Pro's Tip: A narrow treelined hole sloping from left to right clearly requires accuracy off the tee. The brave will aim towards the woodlands on the left to allow for the sloping fairway. The green is small but miss right and it could be a lost ball, if not a bogey is inevitable.

Hole 15: Par 3

White Tees – 188 Yards / Yellow Tees – 173 Yards / Red Tees- 156 Yards

Pro's Tip: A long par 3 playing longer than the yardage suggests due to the uphill gradient. The green is wide but very narrow making landing your tee shot very difficult. More club is preferred however too long leaves an impossible chip from the trees which closely guard the back of the green. Par feels like a respectable score here, bogey is also a respectable score.

Hole 16: Par 4

White Tees – 373 Yards / Yellow Tees – 363 Yards / Red Tees- 329 Yards

Pro's Tip: Driver not necessary here. Aim left over the ladies tee box to avoid being blocked out by the tree on the right side of the fairway. A large green awaits and if birdie is the plan, aim to the right half of the green to leave the easier uphill putt.

Hole 17: Par 3

White Tees – 153 Yards / Yellow Tees – 134 Yards / Red Tees- 108 Yards

Pro's Tip: Short par 3 with all the trouble short. Accuracy is key as there is little room for error, missing right is certainly not an option. Overhanging trees, demand concentration from the tee along with a good touch on the deceptive green.

Hole 18: Par 4

White Tees – 294 Yards / Yellow Tees – 275 Yards / Red Tees- 248 Yards

Pro's Tip: A short par 4 to finish with.The longer players will fancy taking this on however, with 4 bunkers guarding this well protected green, hitting your target is not guaranteed. The green slopes from back to front so a 3 wood from the tee may be preferred leaving the ideal approach to this narrow target.