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Environmental & Energy Policy 

Hertsmere Leisure recognises that its operations have a direct impact on the environment.

As part of Hertsmere Leisure’s Corporate Social Responsibility this policy has been introduced and developed to implement best practise to continually reduce this impact and wherever possible enhance the environment through Hertsmere Leisure’s operations.

Under this policy Hertsmere Leisure is committed to continually improve its environment performance by:

  • minimising emissions and improving energy efficiency throughout all sites managed by Hertsmere Leisure
  • wherever viable seeking alternate forms of green energy
  • constantly seeking new opportunities to invest in cost effective methods to reduce consumption of all utilities
  • conserving resources, reducing raw materials and waste to the lowest practicable minimum and promoting recycling to all stakeholders
  • printing only business critical material and promoting a ‘paper light’ approach for all internal and external operations and communications
  • reducing the use of chemicals that may be harmful to the environment
  • working to comply with and exceed all environmental legislation and codes of practice
  • encouraging more environmentally sound transport solutions to staff and customers
  • training and supervising staff to ensure they act with due consideration for the environment
  • achieve ISO 14001 certification for all Facilities
  • actively encouraging similar environmental standards from our suppliers, contractors and partners

This policy is freely available for all employees, contractors, suppliers and the general public, regulatory authorities and customers on request.

This policy has been formalised and endorsed by Hertsmere Leisure’s Trustees.

Chief Executive
Hertsmere Leisure