Centre Selector

Customer Charter

What you can experience

  • Value for money
  • To be greeted in a friendly manner and with a smile.
  • Staff will be professional and courteous at all times, they will listen and respond positively to comments and enquiries.
  • We aim to answer all telephone calls within 30 seconds.
  • If we can’t answer your call personally, wherever possible you will be able to leave us a message and
  • We will regularly check messages that are left on our answer phone.
  • We aim to provide a clean and comfortable environment. Centres will be cleaned daily to a planned schedule.
  • We will endeavour to attend to areas that are reported as unsatisfactory within 15 minutes.
  • Our staff will wear name badges and be dressed in appropriate uniform.
  • A Duty Manager or member of staff will be available to speak to you at all times.


Your feedback

  • We value and welcome your feedback and will respond to your written comments and suggestions within 5 working days.
  • We will carry out an annual Customer Service Survey at each facility.
  • Whenever possible we will use information to improve our service delivery.
  • We will publish information relating to customer consultation and feedback.
  • We will operate Management Surgeries or Centre User Group Meetings to discuss facility issues and will ensure that the minutes are posted on the notice board within a week of the meeting taking place.

We work hard to continuously improve our services and are committed to providing excellent customer care, good quality services and a great experience. We’d like to know when you’re pleased with our service and welcome your feedback.

We would also welcome your suggestions and realise that sometimes things can go wrong. If they do, please tell us before you leave so that we can put them right and make improvements.

In the first instance, please contact the facility Manager or relevant member of staff at the time of your visit.

Alternatively, the facility Manager can also be contacted by completing a Customer Comment Card or by emailing us at comments@hertsmereleisure.co.uk.


How you can help us

  • Enjoy yourself
  • Respect the environment and the enjoyment of other visitors by taking note of our Customer Etiquette notices.
  • Be courteous and respectful towards us.
  • Tell others about your experience and visit us again soon.


Environment & Energy Policy

Hertsmere Leisure recognises that its operations have a direct impact on the environment.

As part of Hertsmere Leisure’s Corporate Social Responsibility this policy has been introduced and developed to implement best practise to continually reduce this impact and wherever possible enhance the environment through Hertsmere Leisure’s operations.

Under this policy Hertsmere Leisure is committed to continually improve its environment performance by:

  • Improving energy efficiency throughout all sites managed by Hertsmere Leisure.
  • Wherever viable seeking alternate forms of green energy for sites managed by Hertsmere Leisure
  • Conserving resources, minimising emissions and reducing waste to the lowest practicable minimum and promoting re-cycling.
  • Encouraging similar environmental standards from our suppliers, contractors and partners where possible.
  • Reducing the use of raw materials wherever possible.
  • Working to comply with and exceeding all environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • Assess and minimise the negative affect of any historic, current or future operations.
  • Encourage more environmental sound transport solutions to staff and customers alike
  • Training and supervising staff to ensure they act with due consideration for the environment
  • Reporting publicly on environmental performance


This policy is freely available for all employees, contractors, suppliers and the general public, regulatory authorities and customers on request.

This policy has been formalised and endorsed by Hertsmere Leisure’s Trustees.